Devil Go Rhyme

If you want to be the best person in the world, then don’t smoke that cigarette. Go for a walk, or run and instead increase your circulation. You are the tiger in a vice city.

You’re from the jungle, you run like the wind and you’re almost invisible. I see you there for a whisper. Soon you disappear. Where have you gone? You have slept in the gallows and risen above the other critters to stand aloof on a rock, gazing into the eyes of the almighty wolf. He tempts, he teases. You give in way to easy. Is it a healthy body that you so desire? Then keep away from the fire, the man filled woodlands. Avoid it, avoid the creations that tear your soul to shreds. They cannot give you happiness or a pure mind. They linger in the bushes and pounce once you stand off your throne. You resist and fight until your last breath. Then all goes dark. He over powers you, sinking his teeth deep and pulling the threads of muscle from your chest. You have failed mother nature.

Don’t let temptation get the better of you. Engage your brain and hands and eyes, on the world that is free, that is ludicrous to some. Flow like a river onto that which lifts you up. oo3aylx

Waste Of Money

Do you hold a degree? Did you spend thousands on nights out instead of studying, then leave and not really know anything?

So you went to university, and squandered your student loan on expensive clothes and holidays – like most students, who then whine when their spending money gets cut. But does that make you an expert now? NO! It takes actual studying and knowledge of a subject, an interest and passion to understand and know your ins and outs. I can go down the library and study Physics for a week, then I could technically be an expert. But wait, instead of that people are being forced to take out loans – which go down the drain on luxuries – instead of on living expenses. Why should people have to pay for an education? It’s the certificate at the end, a thin and ugly piece of paper that screams self entitlement, that they want. Most graduates feel even more psychotic now they have a big old CERTIFICATE in god knows what – maybe something like history, geography…maths (haha). They feel like they can now be massive arrogant people who shun everyone else and their opinions because that person had more brains to get their education for free, online or the library.

The banks are scamming the stupid and leaving the smart people to live without this corporate thank you. What are you at the end of this studying, the studying approved by the banks and the government and learning body? You are the same, more stupid person who believes they have a right to everything. You are now a product, a brainwashed individual who has got into thousands of pounds of debt, to be told how to live. Congratulations, you are no expert.

An expert travels the world, on their hands and knees researching their subject, out of love, not money.  paper_leaf_line_pen_handwriting_text_31429_1280x800

The End Of The World

The human race is on the decline, we know that, it’s shoved down our throats 24/7. What can we see that is so disturbing?

We can’t see it, that’s the problem. The media – the news, newspapers etc – do a pretty good job of hiding the truth, allowing millions to watch a stream of death and destruction instead. The world is focused on negativity, and we need to change, right now. The thousands who die in another country at the hands of your government, have done nothing wrong. Yet, to justify the attacks and missile strikes, your government will feed you propaganda that they are ‘terrorists’. Why? The country is either refusing to partake in an agreement with said government or they have resources that they refuse to sell.

Do something, like take a real look at the people here in your own homeland. The people with little money, who can’t even feed their families or themselves, and help them. What about the thousands still homeless? Foreign aid could be used to help these people instead. Stop bearing witness to what the government feeds you and look at the real problems. How about all those families in Greenland who are suffering from the deteriorating ice? That isn’t making headlines. No, instead a millionaire from Hollywood manages to get front page coverage because they ‘skipped a show’, were ‘ill’, or otherwise did something that is of no worth to the human race.

Some interesting facts for those who reside in the UK. During the beginning of world war 2, Gandhi sent a letter to Adolph Hitler, urging him as his friend, not to do what he was about to do. But, intelligence agencies stopped the letter reaching Hitler. Imagine what that letter could have done? Secondly, Hitler himself contacted Britain, in particular the prime minister Winston Churchill. He stated that he had no intention of attacking Britain, so long as England did not get involved. Again, the whole of England was bombarded unnecessarily because of ignorance and greed. War is started for money, bringing in millions from weapons sales among many others.

We all can choose between witnessing the wrong or the right, and deciding which is better. I can see something out of my control and moan about it, but I don’t. I look at the things within my reach, and try to help. Life is about living to the max. It’s not about war and politics, or celebrities or trying to look good. Get out of the media and into your own hearts. 321115


Sometimes the things that appear the most simple, are the most difficult. You do it, and the outcome is horrendous, just the same as if you didn’t do it. What do you do? How can you choose the right path?

We all do it from time to time. Humans inevitably hit that hard decision, and more often than they care to admit. What is it? You’re there, facing the world and you have to pick. Do you choose to visit your relative, knowing they have very little time left? Or do you go out for the evening for something you have planned months ago, with many people? That’s the crossroads, it’s impossible to avoid these. You needn’t jeopardize though, you have a choice, a moral code within you to do the right thing. There is no reason to say, It’s okay I’ll visit another day. Because that ‘other day’, most likely won’t come and you will be left distraught and in guilt that you didn’t go. That simple dilemma can be resolved, it’s down to you to do the right thing.

A man comes in to hospital, with a heart attack. Doctors think it’s best to use an anesthetic, then go in and unblock an artery. However the patient has a history of allergic reaction to the medicine.So what does the doctor do? They can’t unclog it without opening his chest. Which can’t be done unless he is asleep. The doctor is about to put the patients life in jeopardy, in order to save him. Despite the risks being high, sometimes a decision is needed, and sometimes that decision doesn’t make sense but there is no choice as all other options have been considered. The patient might lose his life, but as I have said before, you need to be confident in your decisions, and never turn back. If he survives, then you will strengthen those neurons and make yourself a better person.

What is your compromise? Is it the choice between a prostitute and your girlfriend? Risking an STD, and endangering your life because you didn’t make a moral judgement. Make the right choice, use the light within yourself to bring about the right path, and follow it.



I can sense the fear in you as you begin to understand the ghost. A living thing, with real powers, with real effects on the world around you. What is the ghost? Let’s explore the answer!

A ghost, an apparition of a dead person to the living. Sometimes referred to as a spectre or phantom. Cases have spanned worldwide and seemed to have become a craze in the movie industry, with films such as Paranormal Activity The Conjuring fueling the paranoia. Ghosts films are a major contributor to the industry, with Paranormal activity bringing in $193 million, from a $15,000 budget. These films are ridiculous and seem to be watched, then hyped about when the film itself has bad camera angles and terrible acting. The ghost genre is one that also seems to thrive on instilling fear into people. With real life cases being reported around the world, of so called real possessions.

So to answer the question, what is a ghost?  Well, simply put, we are the ghost. We create the outer image that we see, nothing more. Apparitions might appear, but they are created by your own mind – don’t let it create fear – instead create something enjoyable instead. When you feel like something is haunted, take a look at all the electrical appliances in the area, because they buzz and they can create a static electricity in the air. People say a ghost appears in the basement every time they go there, has that got something to do with the back up generator, the old wiring, and the fear imprinted by movies?

We are all ghosts, we need to wake up.



Connect Without Computers

Did you try to embrace someone today? You should be reaching out to them, and them to you! It’s a two way street, you see. Keep your mind open to vulnerability. Is it within your reach?

You don’t have to go day to day, week after week, pretending to be a caring person. You can actually toss the cover off yourself and open up to others; perhaps they will reach out to you too. You feel embarrassed to talk and help those which most people look down upon? Don’t! There’s no need to feel embarrassed about stretching to a simple hello, how are you? Is there?

It’s the mentality that stepping away from the flock is not good, somehow dangerous. Stepping out of line to reach out to long lost friends is good, your just reconnecting to the good parts of your life. Don’t reach the decision and turn back, challenge doubt and social repercussions which are to say the least…moronic.

I think you should set yourself the goal this week, of reaching out to family in need. Even if they aren’t in need, they will appreciate the help. By making the effort and physically reaching out to others, you get a great satisfaction that no computer could ever provide.


The Untreated Eye

If your looking for a fairy tale story, or a post about the positives; then go away. No, wait! Stay for this, then go and take it in each step and each breath you take.

It’s an illness, being obsessed, yes that’s right…it’s an illness. You think you go from day to day without them, then you end up rethinking it, examining it. You can’t see it, but someone else can. Your eyes are tainted to the unhealthy habit you have formed, however small. When others tell you your behavior is neurotic or downright stupid, you ignore them. It feels good, until it feels bad. That’s right, your struck by an epiphany, change or become a robot.

So what comprises unhealthy? Most activities sadly cause us to act compulsively, obsessively. It’s fairly normal to collect books of a single author. It’s not normal, to then track their position, to check online media updates and even go to the extreme of knowing their daily routine. That’s unhealthy. Well, I like to keep tabs on my boyfriend/girlfriend, you say. It’s not natural, you spend time together yet you obsess over the time apart. Obsession is in a way linked to addiction. Being hooked on your phone all day, is an addiction and an obsession. It’s the emphasis you have placed on something small, that makes it foolish. Your health suffers, especially if you worry about it for no reason.

Take a look at what you do. Do you constantly check social media websites? Blogs? Your sprinkling angel dust over your eyes. Let the clear pair come from family or friends. If you notice it in anyone else, then approach with caution, they have been zombified.



An Eagle On Final

When the word maybe is used, pops up or is otherwise shoved in your face or others, it says Procrastination! How can you be a maybe person? Why not be a yes man or woman!

Picture a lion in the wild, about to stalk its next meal, does it say to itself, maybe I should wait a while? No! It goes for the kill, irregardless. Being certain can be crucial to survival sometimes as the example above demonstrates. Don’t go around being a procrastinating non-doer, instead embrace your day and your chances and grab them by the horns. Hold on and don’t say halfway through, oh, maybe this is the wrong move. You might make the wrong decision, but how can you know, and more importantly, how can you learn, if you don’t make that decision?

I’ve encountered many situations where the other person has responded with a Maybe, and all it tells me is that they are not confident enough to follow through with something, or they lack the skills needed to complete a certain task; that could be anything.

In truth many people have the capabilities of going beyond their comfort zone, into unknown territory and developing themselves. It’s about being a confident certain individual who can answer yes or no, so stop the guess work and make the connections to come to a logical and affirmative answer!eagle-images-eagles-adler


Gold Chains & Yachts

Luxury, something we all strive towards in life, sometimes putting others in harms way, or even ourselves. Why? It doesn’t just boil down to desire, it boils down to nothing. If you consider a trip to the zoo a luxury, or a three course meal or a handshake from an interviewer a luxury, then you’re on the right path.

It’s when people consider the unbelievable a luxury that it becomes ridiculous. There’s a reason why millionaires continue to make money even though they have enough to retire twenty lives over. It’s because they’re greedy. It isn’t normal for a human to desire such things. In fact the more a person has in terms of material items, the further they are becoming from what they really are.

For me to have luxury or to live in luxury is to live on earth, the earth is our luxury. Without it, we would die, and we might not have been born to begin with. How would you feel if you had to ditch your TV, your phone, your internet, your designer clothes, your hairspray, your makeup and your music? The reality is they are all luxuries. Millions around the world don’t even have the luxury of sleeping in a decent house, instead they live in shacks. The things a human needs to survive are the things that will allow it to thrive.

Most humans have been conditioned to accept the buying of things in life as normal and anything less is boring and not cool. Of course that isn’t true. But why don’t you ever consider the luxuries of the people around you? Having family member make your food, aid you when in desperation and sit by as you suffer from ill health, is the biggest luxury in life, so treasure what’s real. The real is more precious than the manufactured. chain_gold_close-up_80776_4096x3072