Admire the summer for what it is, a long and unusually abnormal occurrence of planned events. Why do we have to say to ourselves, from the moment the spring clock ticks over, that it should be this way.

Yes there are many things to do when the weather permits, such as hiking in the sun beaten countryside on the weekend, riding down to the city for a few nights out, going on holiday to ridiculously priced resorts and getting hammered every night. But I say this, why not do something completely different this year? Or any year for that matter. I’m talking about the hidden arts and culture of Britain that go underused and underexposed year round.

A good example would be British Museum and Natural History Museum, although very popular it is not usually something that crosses people’s minds when they think of a day out. Instead of overindulging in alcohol why not take the time to explore historical artifacts and learn a thing or two. Of course London is packed with things like Hyde park if you are a nature lover, or St Paul’s Cathedral if you are a day tripper with a love exploring. Many people like to visit the Big Ben which was constructed in 1859 – just a suggestion.

In these modern times of increased mental anguish and stress, it’s important to enjoy every little moment and be more mindful than ever. So what if you aren’t able to travel abroad this year? Or you can’t afford a 3 course dinner at the local every weekend. The truth is most people can’t nowadays. So when you step outside, whether you live in the city or a town or village, take note of how lucky you are to be in that exact place and really admire the beauty of the situation. On another note, if you have ever seen the conditions in which some South Americans live then you will certainly appreciate the luxuries of even having the ability to walk around without having to carry a weapon.